Auxiliary Services


Operating out of 2 Tanzanian ports and Dar-es-salaam international airport, our experienced imports division staff cater to providing quality service in all stages of the C&F process:

Duty Drawbacks and VAT Refunds

Trade Consultation


Sources / Procurement


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Quality, Quantity (Tallying), Weight, Moisture, Analysis for Agro-commodities, Metals and Minerals

Marine Cargo Insurance
With increasing awareness of the risks involved the in the logistics importance of Insurance our clients’ needs are met with our comprehensive insurance coverage services.

  • Arranging insurance coverage for air/sea cargo and general liabilities with reputable companies and comprehensive rates are available upon request
  • Detailed Insurance Proposals and instant rates and certificate issuance
  • Assisting in claims and compensations
Auxiliary Services

Dangerous Good Shipments and Clinical Samples

We handle clearance of DG cargo and forwarding of infectious substances by air. In some cases we even have to undertake repackaging of consignments to meet transport regulations and provide dry ice.

Printed Matter Distribution Services

We receive monthly consolidations and arrange for dispatching of various printed matter and publications such as National Geographic Magazine, Harvard Business Review Journal, Barclays Prestige Magazine, Educational Materials for Distance Learning Institutions, DSTV TV guides. We also handle the returns and undelivered subscriptions and address change requests.

Vendor Freight Management
Forwardair has experience in managing vendors of textile exports under the AGOA scheme to ensure the suppliers' products are moving efficiently and cost-effectively to their destinations. The Vendor has better control over their inbound freight traffic through customized tracking which enables them to monitor all shipments and provide them with comprehensive status reports instantly.

International Removals & Relocation


Exhibitions & Trade Fairs

Time sensitive and urgent exhibition cargo requires experienced handling. We take care and handle such cargo covering complete movement and fulfilling government permissions and various other authorizations for exhibition both in India and overseas.

We would coordinate on all the logistics and transportation requirement to ensure a timely delivery to exhibition site. Our offerings are:

  • Understand the requirement of the Exhibitors with regards the time, place, duration of the exhibition.
  • Ensuring to check all regulations with regards return cargoes from the exhibitions.
  • International Partners in key locations which specialize in Exhibition Cargoes.
  • Ensuring the cargoes meet the Exhibition deadlines well in time to be displayed.
  • A single window coordination for the Exhibition cargoes to be transported to the Exhibition site and return back to base

Perishables and Flowers

Sea food such as shrimps and Nile Perch Fish Fillets

Air & Ocean Vessel Charters


De-groupage of Containerized Motor Vehicles

Handled Mercedes Benz, motorcycles…